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cocoro - interlocking playhouse system

Cocoro is a truly unique and original design concept which uses a patent pending interlocking system to allow children to freely create their own designs and formations. We also created the miniature version for children to play & plan in advance, then build it on a larger scale. This serves as a planning method.

Cocoro is designed for children between the ages of 3 to 10 and older. This is a much longer time span than typical playhouses. Between the ages of 3 to 6, building and playing with Cocoro is exciting and enjoyable with the help of an adult or an older sibling to put it together. Within the ages of 6 to 10 and older the building process is fun and exciting when building independently. It is also a great fun for their parents!

Advanced and expensive electronic toys tend to think for the children themselves. The idea of Cocoro is to provide opportunities for the children to think and develop their imagination and problem solving skills.

benefits for children

built strong but gentle on the earth    

Cocoro uses sturdy, double-wall, corrugated cardboard - SFI  (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified cardboard. They are 100% recyclable. All adhesive and ink used are water based and nontoxic. So, it is safe for the children and better for the environment. Cocoro playhouse is designed, developed and manufactured right here in USA. (We are so lucky to have great opportunities to work with these capable people around us here. Thank you!)

Cocoro playhouse system - Foam

Here is a sneak preview of what's coming next for Cocoro. Enjoy!